Eight rioters arrested with arms from the fanatic political party SDPI office

Bengaluru riot episode

  • Who instigated the Bengaluru riot, it was clear even then and is still becoming clear with evidence; but nobody speaks about it !
  • Had a Hindu organisation ignorantly thrown a stone, the secularists would have campaigned at the national level to demand a ban on the organisation !

Bengaluru (Karnataka) – In the Bengaluru riots case, the Special Police Force raided the office of the fanatic political party Democratic Party of India (SDPI) located in Heggadenagar here and arrested 8 fanatics. Police also found many weapons including iron rods, in this raid. From this raid, the Police has found the evidence of involvement of ‘SDPI’ in this riot. It is also being told that these evidences can be used to ban this political party. The accounts Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. accounts of each suspect arrested so far are being investigated. The Police received tip off and hence conducted this raid.

Meeting held at the office by S.D.P.I head Muzamil Pasha

SDPI head Muzamil Pasha, as well as other members, had meeting in this office to carry out the riots. Police have informed that many fanatics were present in this office even on the day of riots and some of them attacked the Police station.