Mosque will be constructed on 5 acres of allocated land in Ayodhya ! – Announces Sunni Waqf Board

Now these religious fanatics will show off their strength to instigate the Hindus, just as a large number of Hindus will gather at the Ram temple, they will try to come to this mosque ! Efforts will also be made to make this mosque as grand as possible after receiving money from the Gulf countries, and due to this, there would be not surprising if a situation of constant tension arises here !


New Delhi – Sunni Waqf Board Chairman Zufar Ahmad Faruqi has informed that while deciding the Ram Janmabhoomi issue in Ayodhya, the Supreme Court had allocated 5 acres of land to the Muslim client Sunni Waqf Board. A mosque will be built on that land and a trust has also been established for its functioning.