Police file a chargesheet against Pyare Miya, who raped 40 minor girls and accumulated illegal properties.

The people should demand that he should be hanged in public, as per the Sharia law.

Bhopal (M.P.) – The Police  filed a chargesheet against Pyare Miya, a 68-year-old journalist who was arrested for raping 40 minor girls. The chargesheet states that he possessed the ownership documents of 40 properties. He may be involved in illegal property transactions. The authorities demolished two marriage halls and an illegal residential building, owned by Pyare Miya. The Police confiscated the documents of many apartments and several plots in Bhopal and Indore. Pyare Miya also owns a newspaper.

Pyare Miya lured the girls from poor families on the pretext of foster care. He used to take  custody of these minor girls and sexually torture them. He would arrange their marriages when they attained the legal age.  He threatened the family members of these girls with money and muscle power. As per the Police, he was engaged in these activities for over a decade and may have raped nearly 40 minor girls.