Religious fanatics threaten Hindu girl of ‘rape’ for opposing ‘azaan’ (Islamic call for prayers) on PA system at mosque

The fact to be kept in mind is that, ‘Government machinery maintains silence even after seeing the activities of some religious fanatical ! The time is ripe for all the Hindus to unite and demand the Government to take stern action against the concerned persons. 

New Delhi – An annoying incident has come to light of rape threat by a religious fanatic to a Hindu girl for opposing ‘azaan’ (Islamic call for prayers), on PA system at a mosque. The Hindu girl had posted her photo with a placard, , ‘give  azaan; but in low volume. What do you want to prove by using PA system? ’. This photo has been posted by a Hindu girl in support of Karishma Bhosale of Mumbai, who has raised her voice against using public address system in mosques for azaan. Reacting to this photo, the religious fanatic Fardeen through Instagram used abusive language and also threatened to rape her. He further said that, “He is a Fundamentalist Muslim and he does not fear anyone”. The abusive language used by Fardeen has become viral on social media.

In June 2020, a religious fanatic named Sohail has used abusive language against the girl

The Hindu girl had also posted similar photo on Twitter on 28th June, 2020, when a religious fanatic named Sohail has used abusive and objectionable language.