Buddhist monks staged fast unto death, claiming there was a Buddhist temple at Ram Janmabhoomi !

The Supreme Court rejected all the claims before it passed judgement that ‘Ram Janmabhoomi belongs to Shriram’. Even after this decision, such a protest is done only for garnering cheap popularity.

Ayodhya (UP) – Buddhist monks from India have claimed that the place of Shriram temple in Ayodhya and the entire premises belong to the Buddhist temple, and there was an ancient Buddhist temple in place of Shriram temple. Ram Janmabhoomi area is an ancient Buddhist site, which was famously known as Saket Nagari. So, the Buddhist monks have started fast unto death from 14th July, with the demand to stop the construction of Shriram temple immediately and handover the place for the Buddhist temple. During the Ram Janmabhoomi case, Buddhists had also filed a petition in this regard which was dismissed by the Court.

Claim of Buddhist temple remains were found while levelling Ram Janmabhoomi !

On commencement of the construction work of Shriram temple at the Ram Janmabhoomi, the levelling was carried out there; at that time, the news of the remains of ancient temple found in the land was published. ‘All these remains do not belong to the Ram temple but to the Buddhist temple; the distinctive type of pillars found in the land, the figures and chakras inscribed on them are all found in the Buddhist religious temple only’, claimed these monks. They also demanded that the place of Ram Janmabhoomi area should be handed over to the ‘UNESCO’ for excavation.