India has given a befitting reply to those who eyed Indian territory ! – Prime Minister Modi

New Delhi – “Those who stared at Indian territory in Ladakh have received a befitting response”, Prime Minister Modi said in his monthly radio address Mann ki Baat. “Our brave soldiers made it clear that they will not allow anyone to taint the honour of Mother India”.

PM Modi further said, “The entire country is deeply saddened by the soldiers who were killed ; but the families of the martyred soldiers have said that they will enrol the other children of the family in the Army itself. The country is proud of the families of the brave sons.”

Do not panic even if 50 crisis come !

PM Modi had said, “There were many challenges this year, one after the other. There might be 1 or 50 obstacles in a year but there is no need to panic. A few days ago, cyclone Amphan had hit the East Coast and cyclone Nisarg hit the West Coast. In some places our farmer brothers suffered from locust attacks. In some areas minor earthquakes are frequenting. Amidst all of this neighbouring counties are up to something or the other. The country was invaded for hundred of years, even at that time many people felt that the structure and culture of India would end ; but India has always emerged stronger after the challenges. Many obstacles were faced by India, but then, new things were created, new literature was formed, new inventions were made and new theories were decided. India always climbed the ladder of success. We have to keep moving forward even today with this sentiment.”