An absurd claim by China : ‘An appeal to boycott Chinese products will be futile’

  •  Each citizen of India must prove the Chinese claim wrong and give a slap in the face of China.
  •  If the demand for Chinese products goes down in India, China will suffer economic loss. China knows this, hence these ridiculous statements.

Beijing (China) – ‘A deliberate attempt to provoke the Indians against China and to tarnish China’s image is being made. Chinese products are an integral part of the Indian lifestyle, and Indians cannot live without them. An appeal to boycott Chinese products will be a complete failure’, said ‘Global Times’ a Government-owned Chinese newspaper stated in its article. Currently, India and China are at loggerhead on border dispute and corona pandemic. This triggered a campaign to boycott Chinese products and use indigenous products.


This article mentions Educationist Sonam Vangchuk from Ladakh. He uploaded a video on YouTube, requesting Indians to boycott Chinese products. ‘Sonam Vangchuk and others mislead Indians and provoke them to boycott Chinese products’, alleges the article.

Zhao Gancheng

‘Border disputes between India and China are not serious, and talks are going on to resolve issues.  However, a few Indian media houses and citizens blame and tarnish China’, claimed the article. (China tries to dilute the border disputes through such statements while conducting war exercises in the border region on the other hand. India understands these tactics. – Editor)

Previously, ‘Global Times’ had made a statement on Twitter. This statement alleged that in India, a small group decides strategy and policies. This group is full of negativity about China. Chinese development and the rift between Beijing and New Delhi lead to confusion about China in India’.