The Chinese army and the Indian Army retreat from LAC in Ladakh !

 Lt. Generals of both the countries will meet for a discussion on 6th June.

  •  It is evident from this action that China was merely attempting to frighten India, but is actually afraid of the consequences.
  •   India adopted a reciprocation policy and China withdrew from LAC. Thus, China fears an apt response. India did not repeat the mistakes of Prime Minister Nehru and put China on the back foot.

Leh (Ladakh) – Chinese army has retreated by two km. and the Indian army by one km. from LAC in Ladakh. This has reduced the tension in Galwan valley. Lt. Generals of both the countries will meet for a discussion on 6th June.  Lt. General Harinder Singh of 14 Corps will lead the discussion with the Chinese counterpart. This meeting will discuss and try to find a solution to the tension in the Ladakh region. The Pangong TSO lake region will be the main topic of the discussion. The Chinese Army has occupied Finger Four area near the lake.

All the meetings between Chinese and Indian Army officers have been futile so far. China brought heavy forces near the LAC. It deployed fighter jets in the region. India responded by strengthening forces and brought in Bofors artillery.

What is the root cause of the dispute?

India is building roads near the border area of its territory. China has objected to it which has led to a ruckus between the two countries. Indian road construction is going on in the northern region of Lake Pangong TSO. India feels – If China can construct roads near their boundaries, so can India !

 Major reasons for Chinese fallback

International defence expert Kamar Aga said, “Three main reasons are responsible for Chinese retreat.”

1. Most prominent reason is the apt response from the Indian Army.

2. Chinese economy slowed down due to Corona crisis. This led to unemployment and unrest in China. Chinese Government is diverting the focus using the nationalist spirit. China is unable to carry out activities in Taiwan and the South China Sea due to American presence. This prompted China to put pressure on India.

3. Many countries in the world are putting pressure on China because of Corona.

4. China is in a cold war with America due to the South China Sea, Corona, and trade. American President Donald Trump hinted to include India in the next expansion of the G-7. Japan, Vietnam, Australia, and Taiwan are constantly opposing expansion tactics of China. Considering the world situation, China cannot afford to wage a war against India, which has one of the largest Armies of world. Besides, China does not want to lose the Indian market. China decided to soften aggressive attitude.