Gargling with warm salt water reduces the chances of infection of COVID-19 ! – Findings of a British research

 Remedies that have been prevalent since ancient times in Indian culture, scientists from the West are now doing research and validating them. It shows how under-developed they are ! It also shows that the Indians who blindly follow the West must be considering themselves to be !

New Delhi – Amongst the many guidelines issued by The Ministry of Ayush regarding COVID-19, gargling with warm salt water is also recommended. The technique of gargling is very ancient to Indian culture. Now the research conducted by scientists at the University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom, have concluded that gargling with salt in hot water reduces the likelihood of infection of COVID-19, as well as reduces the duration of infection.

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1. These scientists had conducted this experiment on 66 COVID-19 infected patients for 12 days. The patients were asked to gargle with warm salt water. By examining the mucus from their nose after 12 days, it was clear that they had very low symptoms of COVID-19 infection.

2. Journal of Global Health has published this research. It further states that this experiment reduced the effect of COVID-19 infection in just two and a half days. Therefore, COVID-19 infection can be reduced in a short period of time by this method.