Over 1500 Corona patients in Gujarat recover through Ayurvedic treatment !

This is an achievement in Gujarat, why not implement in all other States?

Surat (Gujarat) – The world is yet to make a vaccine for Corona. This imposes limitations on the effective treatment of Corona patients. In India, Gujarat State is treating Corona patients with Ayurvedic treatment. On 15th May, after Gujarat Government was allowed to use Ayurvedic treatment for a limited number of patients the effect was reflected in the available statistics. Patients with symptoms of Corona, treated with Ayurveda showed positive results, with 586 recovering and 1076 on the road to recovery. They are soon expected to be sent home.

1. Corona treatment must be as per the guidelines of IMRA. Gujarat State Health Secretary – Jayanti Ravi however, granted permission to the hospitals requesting to treat patients with Homeopathy and Ayurveda methods. This was initiated only after getting a written consent from patients.

2. Vaidya Bhavana Patel, Director Ayush Gujarat, said  “Eight hospitals in Gujarat are treating Corona patients with Ayurveda. We are attempting to start Ayurvedic medication in hospitals with more than 100 Corona patients. The patient is free to choose Allopathy, Ayurvedic and Homeopathy treatment.”

3. Vaidya Pinal Rana said, “Corona is 100% curable with Ayurvedic treatment. Ayurveda can treat serious patients of Corona. Allopathy provides only one type of medicine; Ayurveda offers treatment as per body constitution.”

4. Currently, the medication is ‘Sanshamni Vati, Sitopladi Churna, Lavangadi Vati, Sudarshan ghanvati, Shadbindu Oil, and Tulsi powder or a combination of these. Warm water is also 50% effective.”