CPM leaders of ruling party threaten Police officers in Kerala with life

Absconding after the offence is registered : Threat issued in the Police station itself

  • Realise that not a single progressive, secularist, Communist, ‘Reward-returning’ gang in the country speak about ruffian activists of CPM.
  •  Since CPI (M) is in the power in Kerala, the threats given to the Police by their office-bearers is not surprising because the history of the CPI (M) party is full of hooliganism and violence. As the CPI (M) is in power, the action on these office-bearers by the Police is also impossible.

Kumily (Idukki, Kerala) – CPM leaders who raised death threat against the Police officers who were on duty at Vandiperiyar station are absconding to avoid arrest. They went into hiding after a non-bailable offence was registered against them.

CPM Idukki District secretariat member R Thilakan, Peerumedu area secretary G Vijayanand and Renil are absconding in connection with the case. Though only minor offences were charged against them initially, non-bailable offence was later registered due to protest from the people. The accused are trying to get anticipatory bail from the High Court.

The issues started on 27th May when the Police took into custody a DYFI worker’s bike for violating COVID restrictions. The party leaders arrived at the station demanding the bike. They shouted at the Police officers and threatened that they will attack the officers at their house. Though the Police officers informed the higher officials regarding this, no action was taken.

However, a video of the party leaders threatening the officers was widely circulated on social media and this was reported in the media also. Following this, the case was registered and the non-bailable offence was made on 29th May. Allegations arose that the police delayed the arrest of the culprits to help them get anticipatory bail. (If the Police are hesitating to arrest the accused who threatened their colleagues themselves, how they must be behaving with the common people ?  The people should also try to ensure that the Police who have delayed arresting the accused should also be taken to task. – Editor) Congress and BJP workers protested in Vandiperiyar raising this issue.

CPM district secretary K K Jayachandran said that the District committee has decided to openly admonish the party workers who are involved in the case. (The CPI (M) leaders, on one hand, just warn the culprits who have threatened the Police with life, and on the other, call devout Hindus ‘terrorist’ and demand that they should be hanged. – Editor)