Two officials of Pakistan High Commission arrested for espionage activities

Bogus Aadhar Cards recovered from Pakistani officials

Attempt by the officials to meet Indian Defence officials to gather information

  • The Pakistan High Commission in India becomes a den for spies.  As a protest against espionage, India must sever all diplomatic relations with Pakistan !
  • Pakistani officers holding Aadhar Cards,  is the outcome of the infiltration of anti-national elements in the Indian administration ! The Government must initiate strict action against such individuals.


New Delhi – Special Unit of Delhi police arrested two officials from the Pakistani High Commission for espionage activities. Delhi Police took custody of workers of ISI, Abid Husain (42) and Tahir Khan (44) and their driver Javed Husain. They were in direct communication with ISI. Despite being attached to the High Commission, they have indulged in activities derogatory and contrary to their position. The Foreign Ministry has therefore ordered them to leave the country within 24 hours.

1. Indian Government registered a protest against Pakistan for conducting activities compromising the national security of India. Indian Government also filed a case under the official secrets act. As usual, Pakistan denied all charges. Pakistan countered that the removal of Diplomatic Officials is a breach of the Vienna Convention. (Pakistan can freely violate all agreements, but reminds India about them ! Pot calling the kettle black. – Editor.)

2. Abid and Tahir were carrying bogus Aadhar Cards and trying to meet Indian Defence officers, posing as Industrialists. They were under surveillance by Military Intelligence. The duo were arrested when they contacted a military officer for highly sensitive information.