If the Markaz programmes had been stopped in time, corona would not have spread so much – Amit Shah

The people expect that Tablighi Jamaat should be held responsible for the spread of corona in the country and the Government should impose a ban on Jamaat.

New Delhi – ‘Various programmes are held by Tablighi Jamaat in its Markaz at Nizamuddin in Delhi throughout the year. These programmes are not open to the public but restricted to a few people inside the Marakaz. Therefore, I feel had we stopped these programmes in time and provided these people with medical facilities, the spread of corona in the country would have been avoided and the number of corona affected patients would have reduced a lot’, agreed the Union Minister for Home Affairs Amit Shah. He was speaking at a special programme organised by a news channel on the occasion of the first anniversary of the second term of Modi Government. Due to Tablighi Jamaat, the corona patients had increased by nearly 30%.