A group of religious fanatics attack the Police for trying to arrest cow-slaughterers in Shamli (UP)

A sub-inspector and 2 constables injured

Does this mean that the Police who do not learn from such recurring incidents are always bound to get attacked ?

Why don’t the Police take additional forces in the first place despite well aware that the religious fanatics attack them during such operations ?

  Shamli (UP) –  A group of more than 100 religious fanatics attacked a team of Police on 26th May which had gone to Jhinjhana area in Shamli district to arrest the cow slaughterer Afzal. A Police sub-inspector and 2 constables were injured during the operation. Police vehicles were also vandalised. After the Police arrested Afzal, a group of religious fanatics attacked the Police and released Afzal. Later extra Police personnel were deployed and the situation was controlled. A case has been registered against 100 individuals and 30 have been arrested.

Police aims at specific community and tortures them ! : Claims  Maulana Sajid Kasmi

Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind ‘s Maulana Sajid Kasami accused in a letter to District Collector Jasjit Kaur that the Police were intentionally targeting a ‘specific community’ in the District and torturing them.(Why does Maulana Kasami not speak about the attack on Police? The Police should take action against those who inculpate the Police by sheltering their own community and put them behind bars ! – Editor) He demanded further to raise an enquiry through Magistrate against the Police for beating minority community. (Doesn’t it mean ‘the pot calling the kettle black’ ? – Editor)