Officially, though the Christian population in Andhra Pradesh is only 2.5%, in reality, it is 25% ! – reveals the ruling party MP, Raghu Ramkrushna Raju, YSR Congress

The Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, Jagmohan Reddy is a staunch Christian so it is difficult to gather information on the actual population of Christians in the State and the percentage of increment.

 Christian Missionaries converted Hindus by force, deceit and other means. The only way to prevent this is to educate Hindus and inculcate pride in religion.  Devout Hindus should protest against injustice through legal channels.

 If this continues, very soon Hindu majority will turn into a minority. A Hindu nation is necessary to prevent it.

Amaravati (Andhra Pradesh) – As per Government records, the Christian population in Andhra Pradesh is just 2.5% when in reality, it is 25%. This was revealed by YSR Congress MP Raghu Ramkrishna Raju while speaking to the ‘Times Now’ news channel. Previously, he had made an irresponsible statement saying, “If missionaries convert Hindus by paying money, I cannot help it.” Now he furnished the above information.

Backward Hindus get converted but do not register !

 In many other States, the situation may be the same. It means though the population of Christians in the country, on record is 2.5%, it may be higher. The Central Government should investigate and take action against the culprits.

Devout Hindu organisations must resort to legal course of action, to change this status.

Raju said, “I do not know if this is good or bad. I am merely quoting the numbers. Backward class population of Andhra Pradesh gets Government subsidies. The concessions and subsidies terminate on conversion. Hence, the people convert to Christianity but do not register. This makes the Christian population in Andhra Pradesh 25%.”

While speaking about this, Raju quoted Article 25(1) of the Constitution and clarified that he is not against the Christian religion, and respects every religion.