Inculcate Swadeshi (Indigenous Products) Imbibe national pride by rejecting foreign slavery !

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has recently announced the launch of ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan’ (Self-reliant India Campaign). Under this, he has laid special emphasis on the aspect of using ‘locally manufactured’, meaning, ‘indigenous’ products. On this backdrop, we are printing a series of articles, which reveal the true nature of foreign corporate houses and the importance of using indigenous products. This will awaken national pride in everyone besides promoting indigenous products, and the country will once again become self-reliant in the true sense !

To save India from bankruptcy, use Swadeshi products

Five months ago (in 2015), the Rupee was valued at Rs. 36 per US dollar. Today, however, the Rupee has depreciated to 50 per US dollar. (Today, the value of the US dollar is Rupees 76.92. – Editor) You are wrong if you think that the US economy is improving. It has nothing to do with the US economy, but it does mean that the Indian economy is in shambles. To stop this, it is necessary to boycott foreign products and use only indigenous products.

1. Remember that every drop makes an ocean

Like other Asian countries, the Indian economy has also gone bankrupt. Many industries in India are closing down. If we do not take steps now to improve the Indian economy, the situation could get worse.

We are spending Rs. 30,000 crore every day on foreign corporate houses by buying many foreign products. It should be noted that even if Indians buy a single Indian-made product, it will have a huge impact on the Indian economy. So don’t think negatively of ‘what can we do’ to prevent this crisis in the country. Every drop in the ocean counts.

Realise that your small action will affect the economy and fulfil the duty of an Indian citizen by buying only Indian products. Raise awareness among your neighbours and friends about buying indigenous products !

2. Remember that political freedom is useless without economic freedom

We got freedom after many revolutionaries sacrificed their lives; however, due to the invasion of foreign corporates, the country is going back to slavery. We have developed a habit of using foreign products. To save India from bankruptcy, we need to change our lifestyle. It is said at the international level that India’s economy has been globalised; however, for us, this is not globalisation, it is like re-establishing colonialism in India.