The Bharat Mata statue covered with a cloth as demanded by Christian missionaries in Kanyakumari removed after protests by Hindus

Christian missionaries disrespecting Bharat Mata are traitors. Tamil Nadu Government should take action against them.

The Hindu-hating media enslaved by Christian missionaries will never publish this news.

Kanyakumari (Tamil Nadu) – Bharat Mata statue was covered with a cloth by the administration due to an objection by Christian missionaries. BJP MP Vijay informed on Twitter, ‘This act of the administration was vehemently opposed by the local nationalists. Later, the statue was removed’. This statue was installed in the ‘Amman’ temple here. Christian missionaries opposed it and the local authorities decided to cover it with a cloth.

‘Hindu Makkal Katchi’ a devout Hindu organisation of Chennai, defied this action. The Chairman of the organisation, Shri Arjun Sampath said, “Bharat Mata is the mother of all Indians’. Several organisations along with BJP ministers commented – it is highly inappropriate to cover the statue, and urged to restore it. Later, the local administration removed the cloth that covered the Bharat Mata statue.