We will do everything possible for the security and sovereignty of the country! – India warns China

India needs to be tougher as China continues to provoke India !

New Delhi – ‘We are committed to maintain peace on the Indo-China border, but at the same time we will also take all necessary steps for the security and sovereignty of our country’, India warns China for its anti-India actions. While responding to Chinese accusations, India also told that while the Indian Army was patrolling its borders, it was being obstructed by China. China falsely accused Indian troops of crossing the border (LOC), leading to tensions in Ladakh and Sikkim.

There is more tension in the ‘Galwan Valley’ area of Ladakh. Both countries have deployed additional troops here.  In 1962, the with war China was fought here. The United States of America has backed India in the ongoing border dispute in Ladakh.