Government should pass a law protecting religious places of Hindus in Kashmir ! – Demand by Kashmiri Hindus

  • In a country with Hindu majority, Hindus having to make this demand is a disgrace to all the Governments for the past 72 years.
  • Jihadi terrorists in Kashmir displaced 4.5 lakh Hindus and demolished hundreds of Hindu temples. No Government conducted a mere inquiry for the last 30 years. All patriots assert that the Government should direct a full probe and hand out capital punishment to all responsible.

Jammu (J&K) – On the onset of abolishing Article 370, the Kashmiri Hindus stipulated that the Government should pass an act protecting religious places of Kashmiri Hindus in Kashmir. Delegates of various Kashmiri Hindu organisations visited the Deputy Governor G.C. Murmu and put forth their demand. They reiterated their demand of creating employment and special zones for the rehabilitation of Kashmiri Hindus.

Deputy Governor, G.C. Murmu said, “We have tackled the main causes of separatism and backwardness in Jammu-Kashmir. We have submitted a proposal to the Government for protection and development of religious places, pilgrimage sites and properties of the Hindus which should be given due consideration. The land is identified for creating a rehabilitation zone for Kashmiri Hindus.”

On this occasion, a cheque of Rs.1,75,000 was handed over to the Deputy Governor towards the PM Care Fund, on behalf of Kashmiri Hindus.