200 converted Muslims come back to Hindu Dharma in Hissar (Haryana) after 350 years

Hindus feel that the Hindus who were forcibly converted to Islam in the Mughal era and to Christianity in Goa should be given protection by the Central Government and a policy should be implemented if they want to come back to their original Hindu Dharma.

Hissar (Haryana) – In the Bithmara village, people from the Doom tribe, who were forcefully made to accept Islam 350 years ago by Mughal ruler Aurangzeb. But now, 200 people from this tribe have again accepted and come back to Hindu Dharma. An 80-year-old widow was cremated according to the Hindu rituals after her death. The people of this tribe never went to mosque nor they read namaz, but they followed the Muslim cremation rituals.