AIMIM Councillor Murtaza Ali threatens reporter

First threatening the Police and when reporter asks questions about it, threatening them too ! Why the Police does not put such fanatical public representatives in jail ?

Why the Journalists’ Union does not come forward in this context ? Or do they feel that  anything done by the religious fanatics is appropriate ?

Hyderabad (Telangana) – Hindi news channel, News 18’s reporter, Amish Devgan was threatened by AIMIM councillor Murtaza Ali and thereafter by many other over phone.  A few days ago, Murtaza Ali had threatened a Policeman who tried to stop gathering of ten people instead of five people to offer prayers in the mosque during the lockdown. In this context, Ali threatened Devgan during a phone interview on the news channel.

Amish Devgan asked Murtaza Ali, ‘why did you threaten the Policemen and told him close the temples first, not the mosques ?’ (The temples are already closed, but in many mosques there have been incidents of attempts to offer namaz in constant violation of lockdown. Why those who, instead of accepting it, accuse others, are still out of jail? – Editor) Ali replied, ‘if you will speak the language of hooliganism, I will also speak the same language. You should do your job of news anchoring. (First committing hooliganism himself and then accusing others ! Why does the Municipality not cancel  the post of such religious fanatic Councillor ? – Editor)

When Amish asked him, ‘why he grabbed collar and hands of the Policeman ? Ali said, our party does not indulge in hooliganism. The Policeman had tried to hide his name badge. I will not apologise because it was Policeman’s mistake. Uttar Pradesh’s Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath had also performed puja during the lockdown’.

Shortly after this conversation of Amish Devgan with Murtaza Ali, Devgan received many threat calls. Amish Devgan said, “I am not afraid of such threats. I will continue to speak the truth”.