Shrikrushna Ashram in Kerala asked to stop chants from loudspeakers in Thrissur : Threatened not to perform chants in  Muslim majority area

In this country, Ajan has been recited from loudspeakers 5 times a day in lakhs of mosques from many decades; however, the majority Hindus have never threatened in such a manner. Still, Hindus are always being alleged to commit atrocities on Muslims.

Will the ban on the chanting of Hindu Deities in Muslim-majority areas in the country be called secularism ? Whether the rule specifies that the secularism has to be followed only by Hindus ?

Thrissur (Kerala) – The latest example of clamp down on Hindu rights in Muslim dominated area comes from Chvakkad in Kerala’s Thrissur district where Hindus were asked to stop chanting prayers by Muslims.

The incident occurred at Krishnananda Ashram of Periyambalam. Swami Sadhu Krishananda Saraswathi, the General Secretary of Krishnanda Ashram has submitted a written complaint to the Vadakkekad Police Sub-inspector regarding the incident where two Muslims arrived at the temple on a bike when chantings were going on. The two, who refused to identify themselves, warned the temple authorities to refrain from chanting the prayers as the area was a Muslim dominant one. (The religious fanatics behave arrogantly with Hindus in the Communist-ruled State ? – Editor) If this isn’t a violation of ‘freedom to practice one’s religion’ as enshrined in Articles 25-28 of the Constitution, then what is? The letter further requests the Police to take appropriate action so that such incidents do not occur in the future.