Howrah : Mob defies lockdown, attacks Police trying to enforce guidelines

2 policemen gravely injured * 2 police vehicles damaged

Indian Policemen set a record of being attacked by religious fanatics.

Realise that despite such recurrent incidents in the country, no one says anything in the context of the violent mindset of the religious fanatics.

Howrah (Bengal) – Policemen were attacked in Howrah, Bengal by the religious fanatics on 28th April after the Police entered the area to enforce the lockdown in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic. It is one of the worst affected areas of Bengal, second only to Kolkata. In a video shared by a journalist, security personnel can be seen running for cover after the mob came after them.

In a different video shared by an associate editor of a news channel, the mob can be seen dragging a Policeman, apparently, to safety. A voice in the video says that the face of the Policeman has been injured.

As per reports, two to three Policemen were injured in the mob attack. The incident occurred at the Belilious Road in Howrah when the Police asked religious fanatics defying the lockdown to go back to their homes. The mob also attacked the Tikiapara Police Station and pelted stones at the Policemen. Bottles were also thrown at the Police. A heavy Police force and RAF have been deployed in the area.