Telangana : Family of Hindu man refutes report published in ‘The Times of India’ that Muslims organised his last rites

Nauseating incident of appeasement of the minorities !
Such newspapers tarnish the image of the journalism field.

The Press Council of India should take action against the concerned newspaper.

Khairatabad (Telangana) The family of a Hindu man from Telangana, who recently passed away, has refuted a report published in ‘The Times of India’ which said that the deceased’s last rites were organised by 5 Muslim men after neighbours “ostracised” the family. The news which was published on the front page made the Muslims across the country blow their trumpet for helping Hindus in difficult times.

A Hindu family in Telangana, which had to cope with the death of a member, is now traumatised by community ridicule as it was falsely reported in a newspaper that Muslim men organised the last rites. The daughter of the deceased said, “Our relatives are asking over the telephone about the identity of these 5 Muslims. After the death of my father, a few Muslims waited near our house saying they were friendly with the deceased. However, only the residents of the locality only helped us to perform the last rites of my father. Because of the false news, we are unnecessarily put in mental strain. We are considering to file the case in the court of law”.