Police officer shot dead by Jihadis in retaliation to arrest of terrorists

  • Many times we see news reports how leftist, anti-CAA, anti-Government students from universities such as JNU, AMU, Jamia Millia, have been attacked by Police. News channels also come ‘forward’ when some ‘Pehlu Khan’, ‘Junaid’ or ‘Tabrez’ gets killed, and they start blaming Hindus and the Police without checking facts. Many liberals, pseudo-seculars and even Bollywood celebrities come out to support these people.
  • All such news channels and the secular gang keep quiet when Policemen are attacked. Now the question is – why do the media and liberals ignore the attacks on Policemen by leftists and jihadis ? Do they think that Policemen don’t have human rights ?

Chennai – A Special Sub-inspector of Police in Tamil Nadu was shot dead by a gang of unidentified persons at the Padanthalumoodu check-post near Kerala border, when he was checking a car coming towards Nagercoil from Thiruvananthapuram on 15th January night.

Wilson, the 56-year-old deceased officer, was checking a Scorpio SUV bearing registration number TN 57 AW 1559, which entered Kanyakumari District around 10 p.m. and was headed towards Nagercoil.

The Tamil Nadu Police have identified and released pictures of two people with criminal background, who allegedly killed Wilson. One of them, Abdul Shameem, is an accused in a communal murder case in 2014, while Thoufeeq is an accused in the murder case of a BJP leader in Kanyakumari. It is suspected that the killing was in retaliation to the arrest of 3 terrorists in Bengaluru.