Not a single terrorist attack in Poland since it did not allow any Muslim refugee ! : Polish MP Dominik Tarczynski

Poland is peaceful only because of a tough stand against accepting refugees. India is not peaceful because it does not deport the Rohingya (who are working against India), infiltrators from Bangladesh, etc. India should learn a lesson from Poland !

Mumbai – Poland’s Government has long been proud of its strong stance against migration. While other European countries took in thousands of people who had fled war, Poland stood firm with its borders firmly closed.

“We have not allowed any Muslim refugee in Poland. The illegal Muslim immigrants in Poland is zero because that is what the Polish people expect from us ! They have elected our Government for this very reason. Poland is the safest country since it has not allowed any Muslim refugees. We have not had any terrorist attacks in our country. I don’t mind if we are called, ‘Fanatical Nationalists/racist’. I care about my family and country, and I am proud of it”, said Polish MP (Of Poland’s ultra-conservative Law and Justice Party (PiS) Dominik Tarczynski emphatically.

He was replying to a question in a TV programme on how many refugees has Poland taken.

“We do not want Poland being taken over by Muslims, Buddhists, or someone else … and no one will ever force us to take Muslims, Buddhists, non-believers in huge numbers”, said Tarczynski.

Tarczynski says after living in the United Kingdom and the United States and experiencing life in a multicultural society, he did not see any value in it.