Spread of Christianity taking place by uploading Christian prayer on Tirupati website

Prayer has been removed after opposition from Hindus, inquiry has been initiated by the Management of the Temple

This is the harmful effect of Government take-over of temples ! Effective Hindu unity is needed to reverse this assault on Hindu Dharma !

This is a conspiracy to Evangelise the sacred temples of Hindus in Andhra Pradesh, where a staunch Christian Chief Minister like Jaganmohan Reddy is in power !

Today, Jesus’ prayer is being broadcast from the website of the Temple Board. It will not be surprising if this prayer will also be recited in the Temple itself in future !

Tirumala (Andhra Pradesh) – Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam has once again faced criticism after Christian prayers popped on a link of TTD’s official website ‘www.tirumala.org’.

It all started with the Devasthanam releasing its 12-sheet calendar and diary for 2020 on 29th November. To download the calendar, netizens, who searched for ‘TTD calendar 2020.pdf’ found several links on Google. A link that came up on top of the search had a line in Telugu ‘Sri Yesaiah. Sri Venkatesaya Namaha. Sri Vikarinama Samvatsara. Siddantha Panchabdamu 2019-2020.’

After reports on this development started appearing on social media, the link to the TTD website was suspended. The page was refreshed by the evening, wherein ‘Sri Yesaiah’ was excluded. It is learnt that TTD officials have questioned the IT staff engaged by TTD and working with TCS, as to how these words appeared. They asked the staff to also confirm whether or not it was a hacking incident.

Reacting to the issue, TTD Chief Vigilance and Security Officer Gopinath Jetti said, “After the matter came to our notice, the link was suspended and refreshed by the evening. We have launched a probe into the incident and facts will be established soon”.

Several Hindu groups and political parties, especially BJP activists, have launched a scathing attack against the TTD management. They reiterated their demand that non-Hindu employees working with the board be removed forthwith.

Speaking to a newspaper, Rayalaseema Porata Samiti convener, P Naveen Kumar Reddy, alleged that the TTD administration has completely failed in ensuring proper IT security and preventing wilful tampering with the official website.

“In the past, 3 pages referring to Jesus Christ and Christianity were found in a book uploaded under the ‘e-books’ category. The latest incident has established that it is wilful act of people belonging to other faiths, who are trying to hurt the sentiments of millions of Hindus”, Reddy stated.

Christian prayer there on Tirupati Devasthan website … But, Yoga Day is not acceptable to the Christians ! : Mr. Ramesh Shinde
(Spokesperson of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti)