Read Sanatan’s Text Series on ‘Personality Defect Removal’ for a blissful life

How to identify personality defects in ourself ?

Writing mistakes daily
  • How to identify your personality defects
  • Misconceptions about the Personality Defect Removal (PDR) process
  • The main obstacles in implementing the Personality Defect Removal process
  • Qualities essential for the success of the Personality Defect Removal process
  • Useful suggestions before commencing the Personality Defect Removal process
  • Removal of personality defects through autosuggestions
Taking Autosuggestion
  • Which personality defects should be selected on priority for taking autosuggestions ?
  • Criteria for taking autosuggestions
  • Various autosuggestion techniques for removal of personality defects
  • Points to consider to frame auto-suggestions
  • Avoiding mistakes associated with auto-suggestions

Importance of personality defect

removal and inculcating virtues

Becoming blissful

To develop an effective and ideal personality for success in various spheres of life, efforts have to be made for inculcation of virtues as well as to implement the PDR process. We need to fully understand the immeasurable harm caused by personality defects. We also need to know the benefits obtained at various levels upon their elimination and subsequently, the inculcation of virtues. This results in effectively impressing upon our mind the importance of the PDR process and inculcation of virtues. This understanding helps implement this process regularly, consistently and effectively.