India is our strategic partner

US gives cautious reaction to PM Modi’s visit to Russia

Matthew Miller, right

Washington (USA) – Reacting to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s two-day visit to Russia, the US has said, ‘India is our strategic partner’. Along with this, the US urged India to send a message to Moscow that any solution to the Ukraine war should follow the principles of the United Nations.

Regarding Modi’s visit to Moscow, US State Department spokesperson Matthew Miller said that the US has an open and honest relationship with India. We are concerned about India’s relations with Russia.

Miller added,’ We urge India to make it clear in its engagement with Russia that any resolution to the conflict in Ukraine involves a joint effort. This measure will allow the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine to be respected.’ (This is not a concern, but a headache for the US. The US is also aware that India does not agree with them anymore. – Editor)

Editorial Perspective

It is well known that the selfish US is taking a cautious role as India is adopting an independent foreign policy.