The difference of 4,16,000 votes in the data of NOTA in the Lok Sabha elections

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Statistics of votes received and users of NOTA by party in the country
Statistics of votes received and users of NOTA by party in Maharashtra

Mumbai, 23rdJune – On the website of Election Commission’s

‘’ it is given how many total votes did the country’s political parties get. It is given in percentage and numerically in circles. In this, 63,72,220 of the total votes of Lok Sabha voters used NOTA; that is, the number of users of NOTA was 0.99 percent. Actually, the sum of those who use the NOTA in 36 states of the country comes to 67,88,492. Due to this, a question has arisen as to which number is true and which is false in these two different statistics. In these figures, there is a difference of 4,16,277 votes. Due to this, a doubt has been created about the working of the Election Commission regarding the counting of votes in the Lok Sabha.

The website of the Election Commission has given the statistics of how many votes each candidate got in each Lok Sabha constituency in each state, as well as how many people used the NOTA in each Lok Sabha constituency. The official data of the Lok Sabha has been made public on the website by the Election Commission.

Party-wise votes polled in the country and figures of nota users

Statistics of NOTA in Maharashtra : Difference of 2,765 votes !

Party-wise votes polled in Maharashtra and data on nota users

The party wise voting circle in Maharashtra is shown on the website of the Election Commission. It has been shown that 4,12,815 voters have used the NOTA. Actually, if we add up the data of the voters using the NOTA in 48 Lok Sabha constituencies of Maharashtra, it comes to 4,15,580. That means there is a difference of 2,765 votes between the votes received by the NOTA in Maharashtra.

Election officials are unaware !

A representative of daily ‘Sanatan Prabhat’ went to the office of the Chief Electoral Officer of Maharashtra and brought to the attention of the Election Commission officials about the difference in the NOTA voting on the website of the Election Commission. On this the election officials went to the site and verified it; but he could not tell about ‘How did this difference come ?”We will report this to the Election Commission,” the official said.

What if there is a difference in the counting of votes of the candidates like the NOTA counting ?

If there is a difference in the number of votes received by the electorate in Lok Sabha elections, like the difference in NOTA voting, the possibility of its effect on the victory or defeat of the elected candidates cannot be ruled out. Therefore, the general public says that the Election Commission is expected to give an explanation about this difference in the counting of votes.