Your life will become meaningful in the service of Dharma : Mahamandaleshwar Narmada Shankarpuriji Maharaj

Role of Spiritual Organisations in Awakening Dharma

Mahamandaleshwar Narmada Shankarpuriji Maharaj

The difficulties that come with doing good work are but tests. There are pits, valleys while traversing but how we overcome them is something to reflect on. What we are contributing to Dharma is also a matter of reflection. We should decide whether to trample upon the world while moving ahead or to spread fragrance like a flower. Both fragrance and stench have been created by God. Where we stand (what we choose) is for us to decide. It is not acceptable to stand beside a sewer, get hit by the stench, and then blame God for it. You cannot put forward the excuse that you acted wrongly because the intellect was corrupted. Because God has also gifted you the ability to think and reflect. Only by seeking forgiveness can we become closer to God. Practice spirituality to avoid going into a state of decline. Life’s achievements are not measured by someone garlanding you or praise heaped on you. Our life will be meaningful when we complete the work in the service of Dharma entrusted to us.

Experienced the power of God in Sanatan Ashram !

We should try to increase chanting and spiritual energy through Sanatan Sanstha. The work done by Sanatan Sanstha is incomparable. When I went to the kitchen in Sanatan’s ashram in Goa, every leaf was talking. When I viewed the surroundings, I felt that the power of God was active there. No one told me this, but I experienced it myself. On this occasion Mahamandaleshwar Narmada Shankarpuriji Maharaj said that not just numerical strength but quality is important.