Retired Brigadier of the Pakistani Army killed by unknown person

He was the prime conspirator behind the terrorist attack on Sunjwan Army Camp

Amir Hamza

New Delhi – For the past two years, terrorist responsible for attacks in India and their handlers are being killed by unknown gunmen in Pakistan. Amir Hamza, a retired Brigadier of the Pakistan Army, was shot and killed by unknown gunman. This incident happened in the Jhelum area of the Punjab Province. Hamza was a special officer attached to Pakistan’s intelligence Agency ISI. In 2012, the US declared him a ‘global terrorist’. He was also involved in the 26thNovember 2008 terrorist attack on Mumbai.

1. Hamza was accompanied by his wife and daughter in the car when 4 attackers on 2 bikes shot at him. Hamza died in this attack, while his wife and daughter were injured in the attack.

2. Hamza was the brain behind the 10thFeb 2018 attack on the Sunjwan Army Camp in Jammu Kashmir. In this attack, 6 Indian soldiers were martyred, and 1 civilian was killed. 3 terrorists were neutralised in this incident. The Indian army conducted a 3-day combing operation in the area. Terrorist organisation Jaish-e-Mohammad was responsible for this attack. The ISI was also involved in it and Amir Hamza was the person who planned and co- ordinated the attack from Pakistan.

Editorial Perspective

The killing of terrorists and their handlers by unknown gunmen in Pakistan is nothing but their ‘karma’ coming back at them.