India surpasses Pakistan in the production of atomic bombs

India has 172, while Pakistan has 170 nuclear bombs

India now has more nuclear weapons than its rival Pakistan. (Credit – Asianet newsable)

Stockholm (Sweden) – India has finally overtaken Pakistan in the nuclear bomb race between India and Pakistan. India now has more nuclear weapons than its rival Pakistan. ‘S.I.P.R.I.’ (Stockholm International Peace Research Institute), which monitors atomic bombs around the world, revealed in its latest statistics that India has built 172 nuclear bombs while Pakistan currently has 170 nuclear bombs. India has made 8 new nuclear bombs in the last year. While Pakistan has not made a single new nuclear bomb in the last year. China, India’s biggest enemy, has increased its number of nuclear bombs from 410 to 500 in a year. (The picture is that India and China cannot be compared in the production of nuclear bombs. It should be noted that until India becomes more armed than China, China’s bullying will continue – Editor).

In its latest report, SPIRI said that the US, Russia, Britain, France, China, India, Pakistan, North Korea and Israel have significantly modernised their nuclear weapons in 2023.

In the year 2024, the total number of nuclear weapons in the world combined, has now reached 12 thousand 121. Of these, 9,585 atomic bombs are kept in the military stock.

3,904 nuclear bombs have been placed on missiles and warplanes at various locations around the world. The report says that 2,100 nuclear bombs have been kept on ‘high alert’ inside the missiles.

Nuclear bombs deployed in missiles for the first time by China

The US and Russia have placed most of their nuclear weapons on ‘high alert’; but now for the first time, China has put its nuclear weapons on ‘high alert’. The tension between China and the US is increasing over Taiwan. It is against this background that China has taken this step. China has made 90 nuclear bombs in one year.

Editorial Perspective

Although India has overtaken Pakistan, the difference in the number of nukes between the two countries is negligible. Despite the fact that India is stronger than Pakistan in all areas, the number of atomic bombs is slightly more than that of Pakistan. This is a shame for all the ruling parties till date. It is the need of the hour for India to be prepared for war now.