Would like to see PM Modi wearing a skullcap someday : Naseeruddin Shah

Actor Naseeruddin Shah, infamous for making anti-national statements, makes another meaningless statement

Actor Naseeruddin Shah and Prime Minister Narendra Modi

New Delhi – Actor Naseeruddin Shah has expressed his desire to see Prime Minister Narendra Modi wearing a skullcap (a cap worn by Muslims). He made this statement during an interview with senior journalist Karan Thapar. Karan Thapar asked Shah, ” For the first time in the country’s history, there is no visible representative from the Muslim community. There are no Muslim, Christian, or Sikh MP in the National Democratic Alliance Government; but Modi has appointed a Sikh and a Christian minister in his Government. What is your opinion about this situation ? “In response, Shah gave the above answer.

Shah further said,

1. Modi had previously refused to wear a skullcap at an event. It is hard to forget that incident. If he wears a skullcap, it could convey the message that, “I am not different from Muslims. We are both citizens of this country.” (Most of the Muslims in India are Pak supporters. Indians have witnessed their outpouring of love for Pakistan in many incidents. Therefore, Shah should first tell if Muslims feel that they are Indians – Editor). If he wants to win over the Muslims in this country, this action could benefit him.

2. The anti-Muslim sentiment within the BJP has gone out of control. It is disappointing. The hatred for Muslims is deeply ingrained in them.

3. Modi has big ego. Expecting him to control his statements would be daring. Therefore, he will never accept that he is wrong. Hence, wearing a skullcap would send a good message.

Gave advice to Muslims

Regarding the animosity that the BJP harbours against Muslims, Shah remarked that Muslims should not respond to hatred with more hatred. Just as Rahul Gandhi made efforts saying ‘Nafrat ke bazar me Mohabbat ki dukan,’ Muslims should also make similar efforts. (Given that most Muslims in India are religious fanatics, expecting this from them is ridiculous – Editor). They should try to look beyond any statements made by BJP leaders without feeling offended.

Editorial Perspectives

  • Why doesn’t Shah encourage Muslim leaders to wear Hindu caps or keep a shikha to maintain religious harmony ? This highlights his hypocrisy.
  • Before advising Prime Minister Modi to wear a skullcap, Shah should first advise Muslims to stop anti-Hindu activities, Land Jihad, and Love Jihad across India, and then expect from others.