Demand on ‘X’ to ban the movie ‘Maharaj’

  • Allegation of insulting the image of Hindu saints in the film
  • Movie related Hashtag trending on the 2nd highest position

(Hashtag trend is to generate discussion on a single topic)

Mumbai – Actor Aamir Khan’s son Junaid Khan’s first film ‘Maharaj’ will be released on 14th June on the OTT platform ‘Netflix’. The story of the film revolves around a case that took place 162 years ago, in which Sadhus of the Vallabh sect under the Vaishnava sect was accused of sexually harassing female devotees. Therefore, the Hindu hatred of Bollywood has once again come to the fore by using this incident as a basis to implement anti-Hindu policy. In this regard, there is a demand to ban this film on ‘X’ handles. Hindus had started this trend since morning. Also, many web series and movies disrespecting Hindu religion and deities are shown on Netflix, so users trended the hashtag ‘#BoycottNetflix’. This trend was at the second position, while the keyword trend demanding a ban on the film ‘Ban Maharaj Film’ was at the sixth.

One wrote on this trend that first Aamir Khan misrepresented the religious traditions of Hindus and now he has passed the same torch to his son. Still, they do not say anything about the misdeeds of clerics in madarasas and mosques.