Muhammad Salim throws garland of shoes on the Judge in Indore (MP)

Indore (Madhya Pradesh) – A bizarre incident was witnessed in the district court when a man reportedly threw a garland of footwear at the judge after a decision regarding an encroachment case did not go in his favour on Tuesday afternoon. After this incident, the advocates there caught the man and thrashed him before handing him to the Police. After this incident, Police security was kept in the court premises. Interestingly, such incidents have happened in this court before. (The question arises as to why the Police were not alert in this regard even after such incidents had happened in the court earlier. – Editor)

In this court, a case involving 2 Maulavis (religious leaders of Islam) was to be decided. A garland of shoes was thrown on the judge who was going to deliver the verdict. Salim had brought a garland of shoes from home. Now the questions are being raised how come the Security Personnel, Court Personnel and Police Personnel didn’t see that garland and why was Salim’s bag not checked?

Editorial Perspective

The court is no longer secured. What would have happened if there was a deadly weapon instead of shoes ? Action should be taken against the concerned Police in this case.