Not possible to make India a Hindu Rashtra : Karnataka’s Congress CM Siddaramaiah

Bengaluru (Karnataka) – “BJP keeps speaking of a ‘Developed India’, but that is not their true objective. They do not want a developed India. Their secret objective is to make India a Hindu Rashtra. This country cannot become a Hindu Rashtra. This country is multireligious because people of many different religions live in this country,” stated Karnataka’s Congress Chief Minister Siddaramaiah on the occasion of an event organised for Jawaharlal Nehru’s death anniversary on 27thMay.

Editorial Perspectives

  • Congress could not come to power at the centre since last 10 years. Hindus kept them away from the centre. Just as this was possible, it is also possible that Hindus of India will make India a Hindu Rashtra.
  • People like Siddaramaiah are too small to stop the great and Devine cause of establishing the Hindu Rashtra. Hence, their opinions on this matter are insignificant.