India lacks leaders who work honestly for the country : Union Minister Nitin Gadkari

Union Minister Nitin Gadkari

Chandigarh – The Union Road Transport and Highway Minister Nitin Gadkari made an important statement while speaking here. He said, “In India, not the funds, but honest leaders who work for the country, are lacking.”

Nitin Gadkari added, “I was a minister in Shiv sena-BJP coalition Government in 1995. I had the privilege of building the Worli-Bandra Sea Link in Mumbai. I built 55 flyovers in Mumbai. I built the Mumbai-Pune Expressway. At that time my department did not have enough funds. I had rejected Reliance’s tender worth Rs 3,600 crore. Today its value is in the range of Rs 40,000 crore. There was a lot of noise after that, but I am happy to inform that we raised money from the stock market. We created the Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation (MSRDC). We needed Rs 650 crore, instead, we got Rs 1,150 crore. This incident taught me that the country does not lack funds. When I was a Union Minister, I got work done worth Rs 50 lakh crore so far. I could have done more work worth 20 to 25 lakh crore but that could not happen, and I feel a little disappointed because of that.”

Editorial Perspective

This situation reaffirms that only selfless saints can take the country forward, not such selfish political leaders.