Muslim man pretends to be Hindu to lure a Hindu woman in love affair

  • Incident at Muzaffarnagar (Uttar Pradesh)
  • Man keeps the woman in his custody, rapes her and forces her to convert

Muzaffarnagar (Uttar Pradesh) – A Muslim man named Kamil befriended a Hindu girl on Instagram, hiding his name and religion. He then lured the young lady in a love affair. He asked her to come to his home with jewellery and money from her house. The lady stayed at his house for a year. During this time, Kamil sexually abused her. The young woman also alleged that Kamil and his family pressurised her to convert to Islam, perform namaz and consume beef. A complaint has been lodged with the Police in this matter. The lady is a resident of Jind District of Haryana.

Kamil threatened the young woman of circulating her obscene pictures and videos on social media, and also threatened to kill her brother. The woman said that he raped her several times during the year. She was beaten up and abused by his family. They used to ask her to become a Muslim, wear burqa, offer namaz and learn Urdu. They even tried to feed her beef. Kamil also made her abort pregnancy twice. When she went to his house, she realised that he was a Muslim and his name was Kamil. One of Kamil’s brothers works in Dubai, while the other works in Kerala. The woman said, “I want him to be punished and sent to jail. He should never come out. If he comes out, one cannot say how many girls like me would be trapped and their lives would be ruined.”

The woman who is not free, contacted the Hindu organisations and gave the complete information about the case. After this, Hindu activists met the Superintendent of Police and informed them. A case was registered after that.

Editorial Perspective

This is despite the anti-Love Jihad Act in Uttar Pradesh. Therefore, such incidents will not stop merely by making laws. Strict implementation of the law and harsh punishments are required.