Putin on a two-day visit to China: To ask for arms assistance against Ukraine

Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin

Beijing (China) – After becoming the President of Russia for the fifth time, Vladimir Putin is on a two-day visit to China. The tour is considered to be important in terms of the Russia-Ukraine war, as the Russian army is entering the Ukrainian city of Kharkiv. Chinese President Xi Jinping gave a grand welcome to Putin. According to the Chinese Foreign Ministry, the two leaders will discuss bilateral relations and issues at international and regional level. Putin will also meet Chinese Prime Minister Li Qiang.

1. According to the international news channel ‘Al Jazeera’, Putin will demand continued support from China in the war against Ukraine.

2. At the beginning of the Russia-Ukraine war, Putin and Xi Jinping said that mutual cooperation between the two countries has ‘no limits’.

3. In March last year, Xi Jinping visited Russia. He had then said that this is the beginning of a new era between the two countries.

China’s expectations

Xi Jinping will discuss importing cheap gas from Russia and a pipeline called ‘Power of Siberia’. Through this pipeline, Russia supplies gas to China from Siberia via Mongolia.

Russia’s hopes

Putin will try to negotiate a deal for modern weapons and long-range drones to use against Ukraine.