Minor Muslim boys from the madarasa murdered the Maulavi, who sexually abused them

Ajmer (Rajasthan) – 6 minors have been arrested in connection with the murder of Maulavi Muhammad Tahir (30) of a mosque in the Ramganj area of ​​Ajmer district. The boys killed the Maulavi who sexually abused them, the police informed. The boys mixed sleeping pills in the curd Tahir was having. When Tahir fell asleep, these boys beat him up severely and strangled him to death. This incident occurred on the night of 26 April.

Police said that after the minors killed Tahir, they informed us that 3 masked men entered the mosque and attacked the Maulavi. Even after we checked hundreds of CCTV footage and 8 years of background checks of Tahir in Uttar Pradesh nothing came up in the search. Then we gained the students’ trust. After that, the children opened up about all the incidents. Tahir had sexually abused a girl in the madrasa. He was also exploiting these students. When a student threatened to expose the abuse, Tahir lured him with money. Later, fed up with Tahir’s constant harassment, the students decided to kill him.

Editorial Perspectives

  • If we look at the history of most of the madarasas, two things are happening there. Either there is sexual exploitation of children or Jihadi terrorists are trained there. Therefore, the right solution would be to close all madarasas in the country.
  • Neither Muslims nor hypocritical secularists say anything about such incidents in madarasas.