A Muslim girl attacked for being with a Hindu youth : Bidar, Karnataka

Bidar (Karnataka) – An incident involving some youth attacking a Muslim girl who was with a Hindu youth in a park at Basavakalyan has come to light in Bidar, Karnataka. The Hindu youth is a rickshaw driver, and the woman is reportedly in an illicit relationship with him. The attackers accused her of defaming Muslims and assaulted her. Videos of the attack are circulating on social media.

On January 8th, 2024, a similar incident occurred in Haveri city, Karnataka. A Hindu youth and a Muslim girl checked-in together at a private hotel in Hangal Taluka, Haveri district. Upon learning of this, some Muslim youth attacked them, kidnapped the young woman and gang-raped her. These incidents suggest a pattern of targeting Muslim girls or women who go out with Hindu youth.

Editorial Perspective

When Hindu youth step forward to protect Hindu women ensnared in the trap of Love Jihad, they are reprimanded, saying “love should not be given the colour of religion”. Where are those people now who make such statements ?