Union Government blocks 28,200 mobile phones used for cyber crimes

20 lakh SIM cards used through these phones being investigated

New Delhi – The Government has taken strict measures to combat cyber-crime. As per the Home Ministry’s orders, the Department of Telecommunications has blocked 28,200 mobile phones. Also, more than 20 lakh SIM cards are being investigated which were used by these phones. If their verification is not done, an order to block them has been issued.

The Department of Telecommunications, Home Ministry and State Police Cyber Department have come together to prevent misuse of telecommunications resources in financial scams. The collective effort aims to destroy the network of fraudsters and protect citizens from digital threats.

On 6thFebruary 2024, the Government officially informed the Lok Sabha that a total of 11.28 lakh cyber-crime cases were registered in the year 2023. The highest number of cases were reported in Uttar Pradesh, while Maharashtra followed the list. Through the total 11.28 lakh cyber-crime cases in the country, Rs 7,488.6 crore were swindled. Maharashtra leads with swindling of Rs 990.7 crore, followed by Telangana with Rs 759.1 crore and Uttar Pradesh with Rs 721.1 crore.