Hindu population shrunk by 8% , Muslims grew by 43% in India

  • Information from the Prime Minister’s Economic Advisory Council Report
  • Study of the population of 167 countries worldwide over a 65-Year period from 1950 to 2015, categorised by religion

New Delhi – In India, the Hindu population shrunk by 8%, whereas the Muslim population surged by 43.2%. In 1950, Hindus constituted 84.88% of the population, which dwindled to 78.06% by 2015. Conversely, during the same period, the Muslim population rose from 9.84% to 14.09%. These findings were unveiled in the report by the Prime Minister’s Economic Advisory Council, which examined the religious demographics of 167 countries worldwide and compiled this data.

Key insights from the report

1. Statistical data indicates that the population of all minority communities, excluding Parsis and Jains, has risen in India over the past 65 years.

2. Conversely, in Pakistan and Bangladesh, the majority Muslim population has increased significantly, while the number of minority Hindus has decreased drastically.

3. The share of Christian population in India increased from 2.24 % to 2.36 %, while the Sikh community’s population increased from 1.24 % to 1.85 %.

4. In 2022, the ‘Centre for Peace and Justice’ in Pakistan released a report detailing the number of minorities in the country. It revealed that 22,10,566 individuals belonging to the minority Hindu community reside in Pakistan, comprising 1.18% of the total population. Additionally, Pakistan is home to 18,73,348 Christians, 74,130 Sikhs, 1,787 Buddhists, and merely 6 Jains.

5. Sindh province has the largest population of Hindu minorities in Pakistan. Most of the Hindus there, are poor and their representation in the Government institutions of the country is also minimal.

Editorial Perspective

Examining these population figures, even a small child can tell whether Hindus or Muslims are insecure in India. Based on this report, India should expose the western superpowers and the media, who are defaming Hindus at international level.