Turkiye provides shelter to over 3.5 million Syrian refugees, the highest number in the world

Hamburg (Germany) – 10 years ago, due to the civil war in Syria and the rise of the Islamic State, a terror organisation, millions of Muslims there began to seek refuge in Europe. Not only Syria, but People from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Sudan and some Muslim countries in North Africa also started moving to Europe, as well as other nearby Muslim countries. Considering only Syria, the organization called ‘STATISTA’ in Germany has announced the statistics of people who have defected to different countries from there. According to this report, most Syrian Muslims fled to Turkiye, a country in both Europe and Asia. More than 3.5 million Syrian refugees are currently living here.

According to these statistics, Lebanon is on the second place and there are 8.14 lakh Syrian Muslims living there. Then Jordan 6,60,000, Germany 5,22,000, Iraq 2,57,000, Sweden 1,11,000, Sudan 83,000, Austria 74,000, Netherlands 45,141, Greece 43,000, while 40,000 Syrian refugees live in France.