Human rights violated in Manipur : Anti-India US report published

Objections to the incidents like the Surat court’s sentence to Rahul Gandhi, raids on BBC India

Washington (US) – The United States has retaliated against India due to the violence in Manipur last year. A human rights report released by him said that human rights organizations, minority political parties and other influential communities and organizations had called on the Indian government to stop the violence in Manipur and provide humanitarian aid to the victims. The Government of India and the Manipur State Government had failed to stop the violence. The Supreme Court of India also criticized this. This report has been released by the United States’Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor.

Courtesy DNAIndiaNews

Senior officer of this department Robert S Gilchrist said that in this annual report mandated by the US Congress, objections have been raised regarding India’s Income Tax Department raids on the BBC India office, the 2-year jail sentence handed down to Congress leader Rahul Gandhi by the Surat Court and a few important incidents. This report submitted by the US has created a separate section on India and events in India.

He further said that our Department of External Affairs submitted a country-wise annual report on human rights. He has also stated that both India and the US are continuously discussing with each other at the highest level on democracy and human rights.

Presenting this report, Gilchrist commented on human rights violations in India, Pakistan and China. In this report, various events in many countries around the world including the attack of Hamas on Israel, the action taken by Israel in Gaza, the attack on Israel by Iran and the role and action taken by the government in those countries have been mentioned.

Editorial Perspectives

  • A tit-for-tat response by India is necessary as the US is poking its nose into India’s internal affairs. India should regularly publish reports that reveal the true face of the US which violates human rights continually.
  • What right does the US have to put a finger on the Indian judiciary ? The US backs Rahul Gandhi. It would not be wrong if someone thinks that ‘Gandhi is a pawn of India-hating international conspiracy’.