Poor quality of rice from Pakistan, Russia warns to stop imports

Moscow (Russia) – Russia has warned Pakistan that it will ban rice imports from Pakistan. Insects have been found in the rice imported from Pakistan. Russia has therefore warned of cancelling the deal if the next supply turns out to be defective.

1. Russia’s ‘Federal Agency Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance’ found the rice coming from Pakistan is of bad quality and issued a notification to this effect.

2. Russia has accused Pakistan of violating international norms. Russia has expressed displeasure to Pakistan’s trade representative and demanded an investigation.

3. Even in 2019, Russia banned rice from Pakistan due to health reasons.

4. Pakistan has benefited from India’s ban on basmati rice exports. India exports 40 percent of the rice sold worldwide.

Editorial Perspective

Pakistan, which is begging for money, exports grain to other countries. This is a big joke !