Dubai flooded due to the construction of Hindu temple : Anti-Hindu propaganda of religious fanatics on social media

New Delhi – Heavy rains have caused flooding in some cities including Dubai in the Islamic country of the United Arab Emirates. 19 people have died so far. Jihadi-minded Muslims have started propaganda through social media that this situation has arisen due to the construction of a Hindu temple in Dubai. A video in this regard has been circulated on social media. It shows some scenes of rainfall in Dubai and mentions, ‘As soon as a Hindu temple opened in Dubai, it rained so heavily. Where Allah had sent the Prophet to stop idol worship, the same has restarted there today.’

The video was circulated on Instagram by an account called ‘@ISLAMIC_BOY345’. Some fanatic Muslims are also opposing the temple. They say, ‘Arab countries should be given pure guidance from Allah and they should not do such things.’

Pakistani female journalist opposes fanatic Muslims

Pakistani journalist Nayla Inayat posted about this on ‘X’ and said that these Islamic ‘meteorologists’ say that the newly built Hindu temple in Dubai is the cause of the floods. They also say that women wearing jeans are the cause of earthquakes. After watching this video, some Indians are now reacting on social media. They say, ‘Because of India, it rains in other countries.’

Editorial Perspective

If Dubai and the deserts of the Gulf countries receive such extreme rains, Muslims should be thankful to the Hindu temple ! Wherever there is drought in the world, Hindu temples should be built.