Slap students who chant Modi-Modi

  • Karnataka Congress’ Culture Minister Shivraj Tangadagi’s statement
  • BJP files a complaint with Election Commission
Shivraj Tangadgi, Culture Minister in the Congress government in Karnataka

Bengaluru (Karnataka) – “The Prime Minister had promised 2 crore jobs, but he did not fulfil his promise. Those young supporters and students who chant Modi-Modi should be slapped”, said Karnataka Congress’ Culture Minister Shivraj Tangadagi on 25 th March, during the Koppal District Election Campaign. BJP’s leader of opposition R Ashoka has filed a complaint against Shivraj with the election commission.

Shivraj Tangadagi added, “BJP is campaigning for the election. They have no right to ask for votes. When the students demanded employment, they were told to sell fritters. BJP should be ashamed.”

Editorial Perspective

Please note the violent mindset of the so-called non-violent and Gandhian Congress, and this party labels Hindus as terrorists.