Sinicisation of Islam is inevitable as terrorism still exists in Xinjiang – China

Beijing (China) – “Everyone knows that the Sinicisation of Islam in China’s Xinjiang is inevitable. Radicalism and terrorism still exist in Xinjiang. The Sinicisation of Islam is very important and it will happen”, stated Ma Xingrui, Communist Party of China’s leader from the Xinjiang Province in a press conference.

1. China has been oppressing Muslims living in Xinjiang province for a long time. Sinicisation of Islam means ‘designing Islam or any other religion in such a way that it does not affect the interests of the Communist Party of China.’ The Communist Party says that people should put the party above religion.

2. China has been oppressing Muslims in Xinjiang province for many years. An estimated 16,000 mosques have been demolished or altered here. Muslims are not even allowed to practice their religious beliefs here. They are given pork against their religious beliefs. All this is happening under the supervision of Government and Communist Party officials.

3. China is accused of imprisoning more than 1 million Muslims in Xinjiang State. Efforts are being made to change the dress and lifestyle of these Muslims. They are also not allowed to fast during the month of Ramazan.

Editorial Perspective

Not a single Islamic country in the world and their organisations are opening their mouth when China is openly saying this; but while Indian Muslims are oppressing Hindus, these Islamic countries and their organisations accuse India of oppression against Muslims.